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    August 28 wwii: German troops capture Tallinn, Estonia from the Soviet Union, while attacks on the evacuating Soviet ships leave more than 12,000 dead, in one of the bloodiest naval battles of the war. The Medvedev Forest massacre of political prisoners takes place, at the Oryol Prison in the Soviet Union. Wi-Fi and tablets International cuisine with hot and cold beverages Business services Discover our Lounges Our Services Still have questions? 2013 ) January 23 Buddy Buie, American songwriter, record producer (d. 2019 ) Eduardo Suplicy, Brazilian left-wing politician, economist and professor Valeri Zolotukhin, Soviet/Russian actor (d. City of Westminster, (3 kensington, (1 earl's Court, (4 bayswater, (2 chelsea, (2 marble Arch, (3 mayfair, (3). May 2 Anglo-Iraqi War : British combat operations against the rebel government of Rashid Ali in the Kingdom of Iraq begin.

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    1996 ) Pavel Schenk, Czech former volleyball player John Smyth, British barrister June 28 Ilana Adir, Israeli Olympic runner and long jumper César Bejarano, Paraguayan fencer Len Boehmer, American Major League Baseball player Joseph Goguen, American computer scientist (d. February 5 The Air Training Corps is formed in the United Kingdom. 1870 ) May edit May 6 Shz Kuki, Japanese philosopher (b. About marhaba Sign up to marhaba mail Sign up Follow us Connect with us Close Subscribe to marhaba mail Title* Please select title First name* Enter first name Last name* Enter last name Country* Enter country name Email. May 24 May 26 wwii: In the North Atlantic, Fairey Swordfish aircraft from the carrier HMS Ark Royal cripple the steering of German battleship Bismarck in an aerial torpedo attack. 2018 ) February 3 February 5 Stephen. 1892 ) September edit October edit October 5 Louis Brandeis,.S. March 24 wwii: Rommel launches his first offensive in Cyrenaica. 1875 ) June 21 Elliott Dexter, American actor (b. 1873 ) December 29 Tullio Levi-Civita, Italian mathematician (b.

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    poet, nkvd operative (b. C.; Molony, Brigadier. 1879 ) November 26 Niels Hansen Jacobsen, Danish sculptor, ceramist (b. German Raiders of wwii. Wwii: The Japanese Invade Shanghai International Settlement, to occupy the British and the American sectors, after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    To provide Lend-Lease aid to the Allies. 2018 ) May 19 Peter. Japanese spy Takeo Yoshikawa arrives in Honolulu, to study the United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, in preparation for a future attack. Twelve days after the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor, the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland graduates its "Class of 1942" a semester early, so as to induct the graduating students without delay into the.S. 1867 ) April 30 Edwin. 1874 ) August 30 Peder Oluf Pedersen, Danish engineer, physicist juhla aikuinen iso rinta sisään espoo (b. April 4 wwii: Axis forces capture Benghazi. 2015 ) January 24 January 26 Scott Glenn, American actor January 27 Beatrice Tinsley, English astronomer (d. Highway 99 south of Yreka, California, handing out fliers proclaiming the establishment of the State of Jefferson. 1861 ) August. Winston Churchill promises all possible British assistance to the Soviet juhla aikuinen iso rinta sisään espoo Union in a worldwide broadcast: "Any man or state who fights against Nazidom will have our aid. December 15 wwii: At Drobytsky Yar, 15,000 Jews are shot dead by German troops. The Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies. October 18 General Hideki Tj becomes the 40th Prime Minister of Japan. February 23 Glenn. Wwii: Germany and Italy recognize the Japanese-sponsored Chinese reorganized national government sexwork kuopio voimakas orgasmi under Wang Jingwei, as the legitimate government of China. Frank Wilson, American singer (d. 1996 ) Otto Sander, German actor (d. January 5 wwii: Battle of Bardia in Libya : Australian and British troops defeat Italian forces, the first battle of the war in which an Australian Army formation takes part. 2018 ) September edit September 1 Graeme Langlands, Australian rugby league footballer (d. July 19 wwii: A BBC broadcast by "Colonel Britton" calls on the people of occupied Europe to resist the Nazis, under the slogan "V for Victory". Rapid escalation of the Holocaust in Lithuania : Between now and the end of the year, an estimated 190,000-195,000 out of 210,000 Lithuanian Jews will be massacred, killing an estimated 95 of the nation's Jewish population. 2006 ) August 21 August 27 Cesária Évora, Cape Verdean singer (d. 2017 ) February 19 David Gross, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate February 20 Buffy Sainte-Marie, Canadian singer February 22 February 25 Sandy Bull, American folk musician, composer (d. 1882 ) February 9 Aaron. Manage Your Booking Select your preferred currency from the dropdown. This article is about the year 1941. October 8 wwii: In their invasion of the Soviet Union, Germany reaches the Sea of Azov, with the capture of Mariupol. The Heer is subsequently pushed back over 200 mi (320 km). 1865 ) December edit December 2 Edward Rydz-Śmigły, Polish marshal (b.

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    1861 ) November 27 Sir Charles Briggs, British general (b. He will not return to the Prime Ministership until 1949. 2017 ) March 28 March 29 Joseph Hooton Taylor,., American astrophysicist, Nobel Prize laureate March 30 March 31 Rosario Green, Mexican economist, diplomat and politician (d. 1981 ) January 28 Fernando Serena, Spanish footballer (d. 1998 ) Margitta Gummel, German former Olympic gold medalist Larry Stahl, American baseball player June 30 Cyril Atanassoff, Bulgarian dancer originally from France Roberto Castrillo, Cuban sports shooter Mike Leander, English arranger, songwriter and record producer (d. Jefferson, NC: McFarland. 2018 ) October 13 Paul Simon, American singer, composer ( Simon and Garfunkel ) October 15 Rosie Douglas, 4th Prime Minister of Dominica (d. 1889 ) May 30 Prajadhipok, Rama VII, King of Siam (b. Polish Academic Information Center, University at Buffalo.

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